3245 Kathy Leslie

Alcohol, Army, Death

A broken back in the army didn’t break the spirit of Kathy Leslie. Don’t miss her unusual story of redemption—another true dramatization on “UNSHACKLED!”

3286 "Kimberly'' Pt 2

Cancer seems to ravage every family, and Kimberly’s was no exception. Don’t miss the story of how she faced this terrifying foe … another true dramatization on UNSHACKLED!

3285 "Kimberly'' Pt 1

How do you reach those who have problems but sincerely believe they’re all right? A woman called “Kimberly” was like that and you’ll hear how she was liberated on the dramatization of her true story, on UNSHACKLED!

3284 Arthur Gordon Classic Pt 2

Imagine being paralyzed from the neck down and still being an inspiration to others. Don’t miss the conclusion of Arthur Gordon’s testimony, another true dramatization from the Classic files of UNSHACKLED!