3073 Stephen McPherson Classic Part 1

Drugs, Alcohol, Track

Raised by his maternal grandmother and mama, Stephen prays at 12 but fear of peer rejection leads him to backslide. A fast runner, he excels at track in high school. But he steals and is caught; then racial tension and prejudice keep him unnerved. He hears the gospel but refuses to accept Christ. He goes to college but quits the track team, smokes pot and drinks too much. A man shares the gospel with him and he prays for salvation. He reads the Bible but still waffles. The first part ends as he makes a commitment to follow Christ.

3076 Donna Bossert

Donna’s dad suffers seizures, so her mom takes her to California, then leaves her with strangers while she works. Donna is neglected and abused in one home after another. At 15 she finally lives with her mom who drinks. Donna meets her dad who takes her to church where she is saved. She marries Allen and they have two sons. When her mother needs help after having a seizure, Donna overcomes retaliatory feelings and looks after her mother and an aunt. Both are saved before dying, and her mother witnesses in her nursing home.

3075 Christmas Special Classic

We go back in time to hear prophetic scripture from the Old Testament that foretell the coming of Messiah according to God’s planning and foreknowledge. Also, the disciples and Mary quote passages from the New Testament that reveal how Jesus fulfilled those prophesies. The script ends as the announcer quotes some scriptures yet to come.

3074 Stephen McPherson Sequel – Part 2

Stephen goes to seminary and then is called to New Guinea where he has many adventures teaching physical education to natives and missionary kids in school. Returning home his church sends him to linguistic school where he struggles. His beloved grandmother dies and his brother is hospitalized, near death. After two years his brother dies and Stephen preaches at his funeral.