Community Christmas

November 18 - December 4, 2020

We are taking Community Christmas mobile! Instead of asking families to come to UPPC to pick out gifts, we will be dispatching a group of Santa’s Helpers to deliver boxes of food and gift cards so families can purchase their own gifts for their kids this year. To add some extra fun, we will be throwing in a personalized Christmas card and an extra gift card for the parents/guardians in the family as well. Opportunities to Participate: 1. Make a financial donation designated for Community Christmas before December 4, which will be used to purchase gift cards best suited for each family. Can do this online at UPPC.org/give or by sending in a check clearly marked for Community Christmas (please select from the dropdown). Alternatively, purchase a $25 gift card to Target, Fred Meyer, or Walmart and have it delivered to UPPC before Dec 4. 2. We need volunteers to be Santa’s Helpers and deliver a box of food and a set of gift cards to local families.