Adam & Tracy Malloy

In-person Small Group that meets every other Tuesday at 6:30pm inBelleville. Open to all ages, genders, and kid friendly. - Do you have any kids in your group? We will be kid friendly for all ages. - What are your hobbies? Traveling, riding our Harley, reading. - What does your group do for fun? Outings like the Apple Orchard, Zoo, Put-put, bonfires & BBQ. - What type of serving does your group enjoy? Our serving focus will be James 1:27 - remembering the orphaned, widowed, sick & shut in. We do a lot of work with the boys orphanage in Redford to try to love & give them hope. - What is one random fact about you? Michael Jackson stole my rollercoaster in 2002 at Disney. I was the next to ride, and he came in through the back. He was a Smooth Criminal!