Lost & Found

Lost & Found #8 'Results'

God Produces Results from our Evangelistic Efforts • February 28, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Our task is not to save or forgive... ours is to simply share the hope of Christ. Resulting from our effort, God is able to provide forgiveness to those who agree with His terms.

Lost & Found #7 'Purpose'

Defining the calling of Christians • February 21, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Our calling as servants of Christ is to be 'salt & light' in a dark and fallen world... our purpose is to make disciples for Christ.

Lost & Found #6 'Presence'

Creating a Christian Presence in our Community • February 14, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

1st Century Christians understood their call to 'Go' and make disciples for Christ. In order to successfully accomplish this task the Christians did not retreat from culture, instead, they maintained an active presence within their community. Likewise, Christians today must be present in their community in order to have any opportunity to impact others with the Gospel.

Lost & Found #5 'Persistence'

Never giving up • February 7, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

The hope of Christ requires an undeterred effort by Christians to share the Gospel with others. Christians must never allow 'tolerance' or cultural pressure to silence our efforts of sharing hope.

Lost & Found #4 'Power'

God's Power shown in the Church • January 31, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Only a few years into the history of the Christian faith the early Christians faced a serious issue within the Church requiring immediate disciplinary action from the Apostles. This action, extended through the words of the Apostle Peter, was an exercise of God's authority. Drastic as it may seem to the modern believer, this event propelled the Church with growth which is also a reminder to properly exercise discipline in the Church today.

Lost & Found #3 'Pure'

The Necessity of Purity • January 17, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Having the 1st Century model as the ideal model for the Church today, there is a great urgency for Purity to be preserved in the Church. Purity in Doctrine, Personal Life, Household, Community and Church is essential in honoring God.

Lost & Found #2 'Pristine'

The Pristine Church • January 10, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

The Church belongs to God, and His desire is for it to be pure... pristine. Every Christian should desire to restore the faith & practice of the Church to the pristine model of the 1st Century.

Lost & Found #1 'Value of the Lost'

Valuing others as God values them • January 3, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

When a person loses something of great value, the do everything within their abilities & resources to find or 'redeem' that which is lost. God values mankind over all creation and has expressed His value for mankind by purchasing us with the blood of His Son, Jesus.