The Well

The Well #3 "The Satisfaction"

The Satisfaction • October 16, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Cultural boundaries would not allow a 'good' Jew of Jesus' day to speak with someone so compromised as a Samaritan, let alone a male Jew speaking openly to a woman. Jesus, however, did not come to underpin the cultural expectations of man. Having endured the disappointments of her hopes having been established upon temporal, earthly things, Jesus introduces her to the only thing which satisfies.

The Well #2 "The Water"

The Water • October 9, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Jesus stated "If you only knew..." She did not know because she was brought up in a religious culture dramatically removed from the spiritual culture of The Living God. Her understanding was clouded by a misplaced value on earthly/fleshly things over heavenly/spiritual things. Jesus brought a refreshing and new perspective which changed the woman forever.

The Well #1 "The Conversation"

The Conversation • October 2, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Jesus opens up a conversation with a woman from Samaria, breaching the social 'norms', in order to highlight the woman's misplaced hope. In this conversation Jesus is able to provide perspective to His Disciples, the woman and her entire village.