Render Unto Caesar

Render Unto Caesar

Render Unto Caesar #3 "The Honor"

The Honor • November 6, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Rendering unto Caesar for services rendered is the right thing to do. Jesus' statement of rendering unto God what is God's demands honor & reverence be given only unto God. Christians in the 1st century understood the oppression and persecution of Rome, which demands they honor Caesar as a god... this they did not do, nor should we.

Render Unto Caesar #2 "The Gift"

The Gift • October 30, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Jesus drew a distinction in the wording of his response to the question of paying taxes. Essentially, His response clarified the obligation to 'pay' or 'render' taxes as they were due for services provided. However, the gift of honor should be given only to God.

Render Unto Caesar #1 "The Trap"

The Trap • October 23, 2016 • R. Chip Denief

Pharisees were terribly legalistic and, in an attempt to trap Jesus, they joined with the Herodians who were fiercely loyal to Rome. Recorded in three Gospels... Matthew, Mark and Luke... this account provides Jesus opportunity to expose corruption within the Jewish leadership as well as punctuating the need to honor God above all.