March 26th TESTIMONY with so many great points

March 26, 2018

Today as you are working, let your focus be every person that comes in my space, I'm going to make them feel better. Listen your goal is to make people have an enjoyable experience when they encounter or have any communication with you. So be excited, be energetic and be genuinely caring. Please do this because you are apart of this ministry and we want you to to be the light in your work place. So please be intentional about being extra nice and caring to everyone that comes in your space. Even when you encounter mean and rude people, that's still no excuse to act crazy. Listen you will not be that crazy/ ignorant person that loves to keep up drama at the work place. Every work place has 1 or multiple people that fits that description. Instead you will be that person that people can come to you with issues because you have solutions and you know how to get things done and to improve the situation. Listen it's nothing ordinary about you, like for real you are 100% able to set the standard of what it is to be the best example at the work place. Praying that the God in you, shines and that you be a willing vessel that improves every environment that you enter Amen. Also if you have not went to your app store or Google play store and left this app a ☆☆☆☆☆ 5 star review please take a little time and do that it would be greatly appreciated. Love you and praying that you live by principles and values and that you study the book of proverbs and that you apply strategies that would allow you to receive favor at your place of work. Be blessed and encourage someone today.