March 17th Thank You LORD Message

March 17, 2018

No one in the entire world can be you, like you can be you. It's ok to love the skin you are in, as you make whatever necessary adjustments that you feel you need to make. 2 bits of advice for today. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner or want to be and you are in need of a wholesaler. Then I urge you to contact my connection/plug/supplier that I have been buying everything from for over 10 years. Anything you need, purses, jewelry,sunglasses,jerseys,caps,shoes,clothing,hair make up,cell phone accessories and more lowest price and best quality guaranteed. Now you have access to a manufacturer and anything you can think of wholesale. Name is Ye and contact info is email 2835665852@qq.com and phone number you can reach out to via what's app or Imessage or wechat is 8618060959676 it's truly a blessing because people in the past offered $1,000 for this same connection that you are getting right now for free. I can not stress how much of a blessing this can be to you, if you utilize this plug. Glory be to God. The 2nd tip for today is if you have credit card debt and balances you can go to your credit card company call them today each one of them and 1st ask for a courteous interest payment waived on your last statement. They will credit your account instantly and your available credit will show more available. The next thing you can do to help your overall credit is to ask for a credit limit increase, that way you will have more availability on each card. Most credit card companies will do these 2 things usually twice a year. Lastly you can attempt to get a lower interest rate on your cards, most companies won't but a few will. Just explain how you have other great offers from other companies and you want them to match. Make sure you negotiate the best deal with your credit card companies also with your cell phone and with your car insurance. Remember everything is negotiable. We challenge you to save your self some money by implimenting these few tips. Also if you are in the process of making any big purchases, pray before you make the purchase and use some negotiating techniques, be willing to walk away if you are not receiving the best deal possible. Remember someone else will want to earn your business.Today on this blessed thankful Saturday release a $17 I'M thankful seed or a $170 I made it & I'm glad about it seed. But please make sure you impliment the advice in this message and share it with a friend. Knowing this is a long message lol but this message will save you tons of money. Love you, praying for you and only want the best for you. Be blessed.