March 30th Rewards are yours

Today lets sow a $10 Victory Seed

March 30, 2018

Sweet victory in Jesus. Listen to today's message and on this friday we are asking everyone to sacrifice a $10 Victory Seed or a $100 promotion seed. And someone is suppose to sow a $1,000 seed April first and that seed will take your income from good to great. So pray about it and release that 1k seed Sunday the first and that will ignite your finances to go from good to great. Lets have an amazing Friday. Don't be surprised when you receive an unexpected promotion when you didn't even realize it was your time. God is speeding things up for the people of God that are trying to advance the kingdom by being 100% faithful and spending hard earned money on helping advance GODS agenda on the earth. When you sow into this ministry that's what you are doing. We have so many testimonials and it's to God be the glory, that is working through this ministry. God blesses us with opportunities it's up to us if we seize the opportunity. And it's a fact that the person that's suppose to sow the 1k in the month of April will EXPEREINCE a financial break through from good to great. We are interceding that it's in every area that advances from good to great because of that act of obedience. Amazing things happen when you shut down the flesh and wrong thinking and you decide to trust your spirit. Praying that this be an amazing weekend for you as we celebrate Jesus.The word for today is No jealousy for true believers. If you can celebrate with your brother or sister in Christ, then you position yourself to be next in line for a miracle. Everyone says won't he do it. You are about to experience that 100 times in fully effect with this next move of God that's about to transform your life and take you to the next level. It's already done so get ready. Glory be to god.