April 1st This message is for you. Thank you Jesus

April 1, 2018

April 1st Wow we have made it to the 4th month of 2018. This month will be a month to remember. So many amazing things will start to manifest starting this month. Listen today we are asking everyone to sow a $40 Seed. DECLARING you just entered your season of manifestation. We are getting ready to experience our harvest for all the good we have put out. Someone will sow a $1,000 seed and it will take your income from good to great. Someone will sow a $400 seed and it will reposition your finances and your relationship. Everyone will sow a $40 seed declaring this is my season of manifestation. And someone will sow a $4 seed that is in need of help/guidance, that $4 seed will release the help/guidance that you need. Let's declare that we will start this month off giving our 1st fruits. Expect more because this month will be extraordinary, believe that. You have suffered long enough, you have waited long enough, you have been passed up far to many times. This month you are about to experience what you have been waiting on, hoping for, praying about, dreaming about and more.