April 4th No matter what, you got it

April 4, 2018

PRAYER for today. Father God bless everyone connected to this ministry, with Great and healthy relationships. Protect them from any hurt, harm and danger. Cover their thoughts so that they may be pure. Cover their finances so that they may manage their money wisely. Cover their emotions so that they me be stable and represent you well. Cover the plans that they have so that they may fulfill them. Father God forgive everyone connected to this ministry for any wrong they may have done, and allow your fresh love to be ever present right now, so that they can know that they are 100% loved and accepted by you. Father God allow increase and promotion to take place in each and every individual connected to this ministry. ALLOW new opportunities to come so that we can do what we are called to do. Show each person that is reading this prayer that life is amazing and that no day is ordinary. ALLOW each person to see things clearer, take away any confusion and give clarity right now in Jesus name. Father God we honor you with our lives and we thank you that you graced us with yet another day to give you PRAISE. If we complain today,we are sorry, if we worry today we are sorry because we know you have told us we are overcomers and we have 100% Victory. We know that the spirit is willing but the flesh is week. Father God we need your help so that we continue to do what is right and what is pleasing to you. So please show us the way and give us clear instructions that we must follow. We represent you God with everything we say and do and we must keep that attitude and perspective. Father God cover us all and we are expecting amazing things to continue to manifest in our lives. We expect some major HARVEST to manifest in our lives and right now God please allow every seed that we have sown to take notice and every request linked to every act of obedience, we ask that you grant it now. Thank you for making all things well and we know that we shall receive all that you would have for us to RECIEVE. We love you and we thank you and we honor you. BLESS us on this day in Jesus name Amen