First Wednesday

Habits of a Healthy Believer

First Wednesday • June 6, 2018 • Jason Doran

Have you ever wondered how to grow in your walk with Christ. In this teaching, Pastor Jason breaks down 4 habits that can transform your life. Utilize the “fill-in notes” to write down what is significant to you during the message.

Why We Do What We Do

First Wednesday • May 2, 2018 • Jason Doran

Jesus is Our Message

First Wednesday • March 7, 2018 • Jason Doran

What does it look like to become more like Jesus? How does taking on His character influence the world around us? We will answer questions like these in the series This is What We Do. Each week, we will unpack a value that reflects Jesus and should be reflected in His church. These values are our defining values at TurningPoint Church.

(Guest) The Course of Your Life

First Wednesday • April 4, 2018 • Sean Clarke