At the Movies

Series Overview

What to Expect • November 4, 2018 • Jason Doran

Average movies entertain us. The best ones inspire us. So what can movies tell us about our own lives? Plenty! Join us for a special sermon series at TurningPoint Church where we highlight biblical truths within modern movies. We call this series At the Movies. Movies are a wonderful backdrop to do what Jesus did by using parables or stories to illustrate biblical truths. So, make plans to be here in person for this 4 week At the Movies experience that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before at church. Meet characters from movies in the lobby and outside. Grab some free popcorn and a drink, then watch the big screen for a multimedia message that will change your life. Due to copyright restrictions, At the Movies is only offered during our weekend services and not online. The in-person experience is well worth the investment to be here.