Relearn Relationship

Breakfast Workshop for Relationships

May 19, 2024
8:00 - 10:00am

Human beings need relationship--we need to connect with other people. But human beings are also really bad at connecting--our instincts constantly lead us in the wrong direction. As we know, conflict can be costly. One of the most important aspects of relationship is how we repair and resolve the things that come between us. Join us as we relearn how to listen, communicate and resolve conflict.

This workshop is led by Andrew Arthur, professional mediator and founding partner of Genesis Mediations. Turner Christian Church will be partnering with Andrew to put on a "Relationship Lab" this fall--an intensive relationship small group paired with professional assessments and personalized guidance. Find out more at this event!

This event is open to people of all ages and relationships of all stages. Breakfast and childcare will be provided--registration is required!