Relearn Relationship Lab

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September 8, 2024
5:30 - 8:00pm

What is a "Relationship Lab?"

Relationship Lab is an eight-session relationship workout. It combines personal, professional assessments from Genesis Christian Mediations with The Marriage Course, a seven-week curriculum for strengthening your marriage. The goal of Relationship Lab is to give you a chance to take a deep look at the dynamics of your relationship and learn how to build a stronger, healthier marriage.

What is involved in the Lab?

You and your spouse will complete the Prepare/Enrich assessment between now and August 19th.

The Relationship Lab will launch launch on September 8th with a kick-off session. Genesis Christian Mediations will go over the results of the Prepare/Enrich assessments with each couple. They will help you understand what the assessment has revealed about the dynamics within your relationship.

For the following 8 weeks, the couples will meet weekly on Sundays, 6-8PM, for The Marriage Course, a video curriculum that works through topics such as communication, conflict, forgiveness, and sex. The Marriage Course curriculum is 2 hours per session. You are also encouraged to join us before each session for an optional dessert and social time at 5:30PM.

One of those 8 sessions will be a follow-up with Genesis Christian Mediations, in which their team will give you and your spouse more tools on better navigating conflict in you relationship.

Will I have to talk to the other participants about my marriage?

No! While we hope this will be a bonding experience between the couples involved, the Marriage Course curriculum is designed for each couple to have their own conversations at their own tables. You will not be asked to reveal anything you have talked about in the sessions.

How much does the Lab cost?

The Relationship Lab costs $80, paid to Turner Christian Church. This is less than half of the actual cost of the assessment, course materials, and dessert! If cost is an obstacle, please contact the church. Scholarships may be available.

What if I can't attend every session?

The Marriage Course is video-based, so we can give you the video files for the session to watch on your own if you are unable to attend a session. There are two sessions that will be led in person by Genesis Christian Mediations, and these cannot be made up. The first session is the kick-off, on Sept. 8th. The second session will be scheduled later in the series, depending on participant schedules.

Is childcare available?

There is no childcare available at the church during Relearn Relationship (though our 6th-12th grade youth group does meet at the same time at the church building). However, we may be able to help coordinate babysitting/playdates with other families. If you need help finding someone to watch your children so you can attend, please contact Pastor Matt (matt@turnerchristianchurch.com).

How many spots are available?

There are spaces for up to ten couples in this particular lab.

How do I register?

You can register by clocking the link below. Please contact us about paying your fee within 1 week of registration. If there are no spots available, please register for a spot on the waiting list, in case spots become available. If there is enough interest, we will consider offering the Lab again.