Is the Holy Spirit Working Miraculously Today?-A

The Final Word-Holy Spirit-08A

March 4, 2012 • Curtis Cates

Mr. Curtis Cates will discuss miracles and the question, are miracles still done today? He will look at the "signs and wonders" in the Bible, what they were and who performed them. He will help us to understand the Holy Spirit's part in those miracles and if the Holy Spirit still works that way in our lives today.

The Personality of the Holy Spirit-A

December 11, 2011 • Glenn Colley

What are the different attributes of personality possessed by the Holy Spirit?

Personality of the Holy Spirit-B

December 18, 2011 • Glenn Colley

Glenn Colley continues his lesson on the attributes of personality that the Holy Spirit possesses.

The Spirit in Inspiration

December 25, 2011 • Gary Colley

What is the meaning of inspiration? What was the Holy Spirit's role in our salvation? How does the Holy Spirit work today?