Revelation 20

The Final Word-Premillennialism - 6

July 31, 2011 • Phillip Vanwinkle • Revelation 20

This lesson discusses Revelation 20 and the way Premillennialists try to use these verses.


June 26, 2011 • Phillip Vanwinkle

An introduction to the study of Premillennialism. The establishment of the kingdom is discussed.

Tenets of Premillennialism

July 3, 2011 • Phillip Vanwinkle

This lesson explains some basic tenets of Premillennialism. The land promise is shown to have been fulfilled. God never intended to set up an earthly kingdom, and the Godhead was not surprised by the rejection of Christ.

No Return to the Old Law

July 10, 2011 • Phillip Vanwinkle

This lesson illustrates the differences between the Old and New Laws and shows that there will not be a return to the Old Law.