Saved By Faith Only?

The Final Word-Faith-2

January 9, 2011 • Phillip Vanwinkle

Can we be saved by faith only, or does God require faith to be accompanied with works? If we have faith but don't do what God said to do, are we just having faith in our own faith, and not in God?

What is Biblical Faith?

January 2, 2011 • Phillip Vanwinkle

Is faith in God and the Bible a blind faith or is it based on evidence? What is biblical faith? How do we get it? Is biblical faith merely a belief in something or does it require action?

Faith Causes Obedience

January 16, 2011 • Phillip Vanwinkle

Our faith in God must cause us to obey Him, even if we can't see the end result. God's commands must be carried out with faithful obedience, because God is faithful to have us do what is best for us.

Is Biblical Faith a Blind Faith?

January 23, 2011 • Phillip Vanwinkle

Is biblical faith a blind faith or can it be supported by evidence and reason? Faith in God is supported by God's faithfulness to us.