Summer of Reconcilliation


Sermon 08/28/16

August 28, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Answers to questions submitted during the Summer of Reconciliation Series.

Sermon 08/21/16

August 21, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

The Twin Confusions of Forgiveness The Challenge of Care-Fronting Jesus Care-Fronts Local Churches --The Church in Ephesus (Rev. 2:2~4) --The Church in Thyatira (Rev. 2:19~21) A Local Church Care-Fronts A Sinning Member --1 Cor. 5:1~13 --2 Cor. 2:5~11 A Brother Care-Fronts His Brothers (Gen. 44:16, 45:3~5, 50:15~17) --Joseph --The Brothers

Sermon 08/14/16

August 14, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Sermon 08/07/16

August 7, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Preparing Our Heads to Forgive Two Common Theses: 1) We must only forgive when there is repentance in word and deed, with reconciliation being the end-goal (Inter-personal). 2) We can forgive even without contacting the other party, with our release from the emotional prison of bitterness as the chief target (internal). A Synthesis - The Two Hands of Forgiveness: --An Open Hand to ALL (Offering or Requesting Forgiveness). --Hand in Hand is Only for the Repentant (Completed Forgiveness - Reconciliation).

Sermon 07/31/16

July 31, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Rev. Pastor Gerhard deBock Preparing Our Hearts, Part 2 To Prepare Our Hearts We Must: 1) Take a Gut-Check: Do we really understand how important this is? 2) Take the Log-Out: Begin with self-examination. 3) Take Another Gut-Check: Do We Really, REALLY Understand How Important This Is? --Matthew 18:21~35 4) Put the Love In: Do We Remember How Much We Have Been Forgiven? --Luke 7:36~50 --Ephesians 4:31~5:2 As God in Christ Forgave You, You Forgive Others.

Sermon 07/24/16

July 24, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Preparing Our Hearts, Part 1. To Prepare Our Hearts We Must: 1) Take a Gut-Check: Do We Really Understand How Important This Is? --Matthew 6:11~15 "forgive us as we have forgiven" --Matthew 7:12~14 "the gate is narrow" 2) Take the Log Out: Begin with Self-Examination --Matthew 7:1~5 (Luke 6:37~38) ----"judge not" ----"first take the log out of your own eye" --Matthew 5:21~26 ----"angry, insults, 'you fool" ----"has something against you... first be reconciled" ----"come to terms quickly" --Galatians 6:1~2 "keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted" --1 Corinthians 4:3~5 "I am not aware of anything against myself, but I am not thereby acquitted"

Sermon 07/17/16

July 17, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Receiving Forgiveness: Our Part In Reconciliation 2 Chronicles 6 & 7 God offers "The Gold Standard of Forgiveness" to all, But not all are forgiven; ONLY those who respond by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ are forgiven, justified, and reconciled to God. THE RESPONSE to God's initiative includes our: --Humbling Ourselves --Repentance (Turning) ----With all our Heart and Mind --Acknowledgement of God's Name --Seeking God's Face --Prayer, Confessing Our Sin ----Marking Restitution, if possible --Pleading for Forgiveness ----Manifesting the Fruits of Repentance (God knows our hearts) NOT: The pride of saving face, making excuses, minimizing the damage done, merely sorrowful for the consequences, "Sorry you took it that way" ignoring the issues, pretending all is okay, avoiding the person afterward, just easing our guilty conscience, wanting to dig up the root of bitterness but without restoration of relationship, vague awkwardness but no direct request, talking charge but no visible fruit of repentance.

Sermon 07/10/16

July 10, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Forgiveness: The Gold Standard