Sermon 4/24/2016

Imprisoned, Yet, So Free series - Colossians

April 24, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock • Colossians 1:1–14

Grateful that we can be MADE Worthy --The Gospel can make us worthy to be Saints --To be made worthy Prayerful that we can WALK Worthy --The Gospel makes us want to walk worthy, being fully Pleasing to Jesus --To walk worthy Lessons for Christ-Learners: --people of learning (don't pit heart vs. head). --apply what they learn to life (don't pit word vs. deed) --people can only be rescued if someone "learns them" the Gospel (share the "whole" Gospel). --what we learn matters for the hope of the future changes our today (renew our minds with biblical truth about our hope). --healthy Christianity is fruitful: The Gospel bears fruit and the believers bear fruit (don't accept fruitlessness as normal, "win and grow disciples"). --giving thanks and ceaseless prayer are foundational for Christ-learners (recite your learning in praise and prayerfully keep learning). --apply what they know and seek to know what they don't (act now on the knowledge of God's will that you already have).

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Sermon 5/29/16

May 29, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock • Colossians 4:7–18

On The Team -Beloved Siblings -Faithful Minister -Fellow Slave -Take Responsibility to Listen & Share -Fellow Prisoner -Fellow Kingdom Worker -Source of Comfort -Struggling in Prayer -Focused in Prayer -It is All My King's -Follow-Through On The Couch -Unknown Guest -User, a Leech -Waiting to be Served -It is Others' Job to Tell Me or Ask Me -"Here for You"... Until it Costs Too Much -Work for the Kingdom of "Me" -Only Want to be Comforted -Pray When I Feel Like It -Praying for Health & Material Prosperity -I Retain My Rights Over the Things of This World -Start Strong but Never Finish

Sermon 5/22/16

May 22, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock • Colossians 3:18—4:6

Walking in Christ... Everyday... Everywhere - A Changed Person Practically Changes... Specifically In The Name of The Lord Jesus "X-Changed" gets specific for: --Wives - put on submitting, for it is fitting. --Husbands - put on love, put off being harsh. --Children - put on obeying, for it pleases the Lord. --Fathers - put off provoking, for it discourages kids. --Bondservants - put on obeying sincerely out of reverence for God, put off pleasing eye-service; Put on working heartily as for the Lord, for you will receive an inheritance and God will pay back wrongdoers. --Masters - put on treating justly and fairly, for you know you have a Master in heaven. Watch & Pray Getting Specific with Outsiders --That the Spirit would open doors for the Word. --That we can make the mystery of Christ clear. --That we walk in wisdom toward outsiders. --That we make the most of the opportunities. --That our speech is gracious.

Sermon 5/15/16

May 15, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock • Colossians 3:1–17