Sermon 07/24/16

A Summer of Reconciliation

July 24, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Preparing Our Hearts, Part 1. To Prepare Our Hearts We Must: 1) Take a Gut-Check: Do We Really Understand How Important This Is? --Matthew 6:11~15 "forgive us as we have forgiven" --Matthew 7:12~14 "the gate is narrow" 2) Take the Log Out: Begin with Self-Examination --Matthew 7:1~5 (Luke 6:37~38) ----"judge not" ----"first take the log out of your own eye" --Matthew 5:21~26 ----"angry, insults, 'you fool" ----"has something against you... first be reconciled" ----"come to terms quickly" --Galatians 6:1~2 "keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted" --1 Corinthians 4:3~5 "I am not aware of anything against myself, but I am not thereby acquitted"

Sermon 08/28/16

August 28, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Answers to questions submitted during the Summer of Reconciliation Series.

Sermon 08/21/16

August 21, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

The Twin Confusions of Forgiveness The Challenge of Care-Fronting Jesus Care-Fronts Local Churches --The Church in Ephesus (Rev. 2:2~4) --The Church in Thyatira (Rev. 2:19~21) A Local Church Care-Fronts A Sinning Member --1 Cor. 5:1~13 --2 Cor. 2:5~11 A Brother Care-Fronts His Brothers (Gen. 44:16, 45:3~5, 50:15~17) --Joseph --The Brothers

Sermon 08/14/16

August 14, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock