Sermon 07/03/16

The Oil & Incense

July 3, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

We Must Show Delight (the incense of delight): --By GIVING them our full attention and unhurried time. --By AFFIRMING to them our public commitment. --By BLESSING them with our dreams for their future. We Must Arouse Compassion (the oil of healing): --By INITIATING reconciliation. --By remembering forgiveness is a decision and a process. --By not adding up a record of wrongs but PRAYING that mercy will triumph.

Sermon 06/05/16

June 5, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

The Rod & Staff: Teaching and Discipline Having the Right Attitude: --Do I make it about the sheep? --Have I really gotten to know the sheep? --Am I willing to lay my life down for the sheep? --Am I "On Purpose" Having the Right Dexterity: --Do I teach intentionally consistently? ----Will I make a toolbox list? --Do I discipline consistently? ----I will use "law" to show the need for "grace". ----I will discern childishness from rebelliousness. Do I discipline redemptively? ----I will teach them how to ask for clarification.

Sermon 06/12/16

June 12, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

Sermon 06/19/16

June 19, 2016 • Pastor Gerhard deBock

It starts with following Jesus, our Servant-Example, and taking up our Towel. So that our children and others... See our Model (The What), Hear our Teaching (The Why), Do with us what we Pray (The How) Pray daily for a Philippians 2 mindset: Holy Spirit, Make me a Christ-Like Servant today.