Hearing God as He Works in the World - Episode 28

Talk About It Podcast

April 28, 2021 • Josh Raine, Wayne Alguire

Join Josh Raine & Wayne Alguire as we unpack the third week of our Cultivate series; based on Colossians 1:3-6. Questions we consider: * Cultivate Growth: How do we understand what it means to cultivate growth with Christ at the centre, rippling out from there? * World: What does it mean to reach the world for Jesus? * TC History: God raised up people and resources to do different things in different places at different times. How are we seeing what’s next and where will it be? * What does it look like to live out the strengths and weaknesses of the McManus' quote? Erwin McManus said, “When the church is a movement, it becomes a place of refuge for an unbelieving world. The church becomes where the seekers finally find the God they were searching for. The church becomes the place for the broken and the weary to finally find the healing and the help they’ve cried for. The church becomes the place where the lonely and the outcast are finally embraced and loved in the community of Christ. When the church becomes a movement and not a monastery, she becomes a place of transformation for the very culture from which we run in fear.” * What were some of the moments when you heard God during the Zoom Call with Peru? * One Percent Challenge: how do we navigate the call to the One Percent Challenge? What does it mean to be a mosaic while we seek to change our world?