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Transforming Truths Worthy Of Repeating

Peter's Mind-Bending Encounter

September 20, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

Encounters That Accomplish The Impossible

Jeff Lyle

God wants all His children to be convinced that He can accomplish the impossible. The only way that this can happen is for Him to lead us into life-circumstances that we simply cannot handle alone. the Bible consistently reveals that God will MOST DEFINITELY give you more than you can handle. This message highlights that truth through an encounter with Ezekiel that would not only give him greater faith and hope, but all of Israel would learn that nothing is impossible for their God.

Kingdom Diversions

Jeff Lyle

From the life of Jesus, we are able to learn how Satan seeks to divert all of us from our God-spoken identities and assignments in the kingdom. In subtlety, the enemy is constantly seeking to redirect our minds and wills towards lesser investments of who we are in the Kingdom. Harnessing the world system and the different streams of influence from our culture, Satan and his demons are committed to the art of diversion. If they can succeed in disconnecting and diverting us from our true identities as sons and daughters, then they are able to redirect our eternal focus unto a temporary focus. When they are successful at these diversions, Christians no longer live FOR the Kingdom of God even though they are living IN the Kingdom of God. The raw truth is that the enemy succeeds in this tactic of diversion in the lives of innumerable believers. We are able to learn how to consistently overcome Satan’s strategies by learning from Jesus himself as Satan sought to divert Jesus from the assignment He received from the Father.


Jeff Lyle

Unity is, possibly, an overused but undervalued word in churches today. In some places it means uniformity - Christians are pressured to look alike, dress alike, vote alike, and conform to an exterior standard imposed by a leader. In other churches unity may mean that Christians never challenge one another, resulting in an artificial harmony that lacks Kingdom wholeness. So what does the Bible reveal to us about the real meaning of unity among Christians? Is unity primarily theological and positional? Is it more about relationship and shared mission? What does God expect of you when it comes to walking in biblical unity with other believers? This message seeks to bring clarity to the issue by revealing four key aspects to unity that all Christians should embrace.

Your Purpose-Defining Encounter

Jeff Lyle

In the eyes of God, there has never been an insignificant human being. Each person is an expression of some component of the heart of the Father. Everyone has a purpose assigned to their existence. Unfortunately, many do not believe this about themselves. Moses had once believed that he had a purpose from God. He fumbled it. He blew it. He became humiliated and afraid. Decades later, God wanted to reacquaint Moses with his life-purpose. This encounter would change everything for the man that thought he had missed his opportunity. Moses would learn that the purposes of God may come slowly to a life, but come they will. What was true for Moses is true for us today.

No Greater Treasure

Jeff Lyle

Every Christian longs for the power of Jesus Christ to mark their lives. Not as many recognize that this power only comes from the abiding presence of God. We are called to enter into the life of Jesus in order to experience all that He has for us. This message reveals the testimony of the Apostle Paul who so longer to know Jesus that he even committed to partner with Him in suffering and loss. Intimacy with God involves much more than experiencing an occasional dose of power from Him. To know Him intimately, we must pursue Him relentlessly.

Unpacking The Successful Life

August 9, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

Everyone wants to be successful. Sadly, not everyone agrees on the definition of a successful life. For all Christians, God has both defined the successful life and the means to achieve it. This message gives us Heaven’s perspective on what it means to live a successful life in the sight of God. Mark it down: the American Dream is almost completely devoid of what success looks like in the Kingdom of God. Material success if vastly overrated, while Kingdom success remains greatly undefined among so many believers. Don’t be fooled by what the world is offering us - God wants to unpack His version of success for us so we can put it on every day of our lives.

Encountering The Orphan-Spirit

August 4, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

Few things dent the human soul than the experience of rejection, abandonment and betrayal. Nearly every family you know has been impacted by one or more of these painful events. When these experiences occur during one’s childhood, it can be catastrophic and result in lifelong struggle for the one who experienced them. This message reveals the grace and faithfulness of God to a mom and teenage son who were rejected by their husband and father. While there is complexity in the reasons behind their rejection, the bottom line is that it bruised their souls. How does God minister to those who have been rejected and abandoned? From the story of Hagar and Ishmael we see the caring heart and restoring hand of God on behalf of those with an orphan-spirit.

A Lifestyle Of Urgency

August 2, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

In God’s Word there is frequently found a call to engagement with Him. The Father summons us to partner with Him to accomplish whatever it is that He is doing. In ancient times, a king’s invitation was not meant to be answered but, rather, obeyed. It is no different with God’s call on our lives. In this message, God cautions us about our procrastination, excuses and reluctance concerning His mission. He points believers to one of the smallest creatures on the planet - the ant- and asks us to learn from it. How can an ant teach us about living with Kingdom urgency? In the example from the ant, God calls us to preparation, proactivity and persistence. Anything less reveals that we lack the urgency that faithful believers are called to manifest in every generation.


July 26, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

Isaiah's Eye-Opening Encounter

July 21, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

Once a person has been brought to God through faith in Jesus Christ, it may be argued that the most vital experience to follow is to become convinced of the majesty, holiness and supremacy of God. While it is true that God is love, His holiness defines and regulates that love which comes from Him. He is not so holy that He remains distant from us, but He is not so loving that He endorses our indulgences. Isaiah had spent five chapters pronouncing woe upon others. When he sees the glory of God in the temple in chapter six, Isaiah pronounces woe upon himself. How he is ministered to in the throne room of God reveals much about the heart of God towards His people. This message calls all of us to consider the supremacy of God over all of creation, and brings us to an encounter which should cause us all to bow in submission and honor before His throne of grace.

Jealous For The Glory Of God

July 19, 2020 • Jeff Lyle

Sometimes, because of what we are seeing and what we are feeling, we wonder if God might have forgotten about us or, worse yet, forsaken us. When the enemy appears to have the upper hand, when God is not stopping the growing tide of evil in our culture, when our past sins accuse us, we can find ourselves living with our backs pinned against the wall. This message reveals how the Father uses these seasons to develop a deep sense of urgency in His children. Sometimes, God lets the enemy advance so that it will produce an urgent cry for help from His people. These are the seasons when we cannot go a day longer without the breakthrough of God’s glory exploding upon the world in which we are living.