The Dream


June 10, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

There’s something we need to just go ahead and confess: the modern version of the Church rarely looks like the original version of the Church found in the book of Acts. While so much good is happening through the current generation of believers, we have clearly misplaced some of the most precious elements in God’s designs for His people. This message closes out The Dream series by taking a look at how the early Church lived and served. The key reality is that they did all things TOGETHER. This is the essence of Christian community that our own very independent generation must recapture for the glory of Jesus and the advance of the Gospel.


May 20, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

We sometimes forget that the assignment from the Father to Jesus required that Jesus lay down His life. He literally died to fulfill the mission of the Father. When Jesus ascended back to His throne in Heaven, He left His followers, the Church, with a mission of our own. Have we truly considered that our mission might also require that we lay down everything - even unto the death? This message takes us to a touching scene between the apostle Paul and those whom he served in Ephesus. Through His words we gain understanding in a handful of essential requirements for us all to finish out the mission given to us by God. Mission is not for wimps and whiners - the glory of God is revealed to the degree that we fully embrace our assignment from Him.


May 20, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

What specifically is the mission of the Church? When Jesus Christ ascended back to Heaven, what is the work which he left for us to complete? With all of the available activities that we Christians could commit to, we need some clarity on our shared assignment as God’s people. This message reveals two simplified directions that the Church (and each local church) must embrace as the trajectory for mission in every generation.


May 6, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

Unity is, possibly, an overused but undervalued word in churches today. In some places it means uniformity - Christians are pressured to look alike, dress alike, vote alike, and conform to an exterior standard imposed by a leader. In other churches unity may mean that Christians never challenge one another, resulting in an artificial harmony that lacks Kingdom wholeness. So what does the Bible reveal to us about the real meaning of unity among Christians? Is unity primarily theological and positional? Is it more about relationship and shared mission? What does God expect of you when it comes to walking in biblical unity with other believers? This message seeks to bring clarity to the issue by revealing four key aspects to unity that all Christians should embrace.


April 29, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

It is the strong conviction of many in the Church that we are stepping into a season of true, Heaven-sent revival. While many would nod their heads at that concept, not all agree on exactly what constitutes revival. This message takes us through many places in the Bible which address the topic of revival. What precedes revival? How do we recognize revival when it arrives? Who is responsible for revival - God or us? If we are truly seeking the times of refreshing from the Lord, this message will help us know specifically what we are asking for.