Tell Me What To Do

Life-Shaping Instruction From Colossians 3

Perfectly Clear Instructions From Heaven

Jeff Lyle

If there is one thing that Scripture makes perfectly clear it is the truth that “a faith that saves is a faith that behaves.” Eternal life through Jesus Christ is not just a duration of life, it is a quality of life. We do not merely live forever, we live forever as new creatures who are different from those who are outside of Christ. Passages of Scripture like Colossians 3:5-11 help us to clearly see that we are called to a higher standard. What God commands of us, He will empower within us. This message removes all doubt about what saved people are to embrace and what we are to refuse. Paul gives a clear list of behaviors and calls all believers to align themselves with the high expectation of God. This message provides us with a gut check to examine ourselves and see if we are truly in the faith.

An Altered State Of Mind

Jeff Lyle

Are you aware that what comes forth from your life will never elevate above the way you think about your life? Proverbs 23:7 asserts that the way we think determines who we become, therefore it is crucial that we think as God would have us to think. This message provides the healthiest approach to how we think of ourselves, of Jesus Christ and of the world around us. When we get our thoughts under the harness of the Holy Spirit, everything begins to change. If we continue to give the best of our minds to lesser things, then we will continue to live at a level beneath the will of God for each of us. We need an altered state of thinking.