New Horizons

Making Up Your Mind About Tomorrow

Unpacking the Successful Life

December 30, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

Everyone wants to be successful. Sadly, not everyone agrees on the definition of a successful life. For all Christians, God has both defined the successful life and the means to achieve it. This message gives us Heaven’s perspective on what it means to live a successful life in the sight of God. Mark it down: the American Dream is almost completely devoid of what success looks like in the Kingdom of God. Material success if vastly overrated, while Kingdom success remains greatly undefined among so many believers. Don’t be fooled by what the world is offering us - God wants to unpack His version of success for us so we can put it on every day of our lives.

Elevating Our Expectations

December 30, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

Many followers of Jesus do not yet grasp how deeply committed He is to taking us to new and unexplored heights in the Kingdom. The Gospel is never at a stand-still. The King is always moving forward and, consequently, so are those who follow Him. Jesus once told a group of believers that, despite their outwardly unimpressive standing, He was inviting them to enter new adventures with Him. From His words to them, we can learn what to expect from our King in our own lives. What does it look like for a group of believers to live with Jesus going before them while also having their backs? This message teaches us all how to boldly walk through doors of opportunity that the King is opening for their good and His own glory.

Right Now Realities

December 30, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

For the Christian, life needs to have both an anchor and a mainsail. We need both a foundation and a flight. In Romans chapter five, the Apostle Paul lays out several different realities that presently exist for every single Jesus-follower. The degree to which we understand and live out these realities determines so much of the quality of our relationship with God while we are here on earth. Do you know what these right-now realities are? Are you believing them? As we begin new seasons with the Father, we must embrace these decrees over our lives in order to live out the destiny assigned to us in the Kingdom.