She Arose

Jael: A Woman of Stealth & Strength

January 28, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

Deborah isn’t the only female superstar in Judges chapter 4. This message introduces us to Jail, a woman who took initiative during a very short window of opportunity, and consequently made a name for herself in ancient Israel. Kingdom women have the awesome joy of being both nurturing and powerful. Jael showed wartime stealth and strength and sealed the victory for an entire nation.

Necessities In Kingdom Warfare

January 21, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

There is one aspect of the Christian life wherein none of us has a choice: we will be engaged by the enemy. The forces of darkness have one mission in the present age, and that mission is to seek to remove anything and everything that brings glory to Jesus Christ. Because of this, the Church exists under a permanent bullseye. How do you approach spiritual warfare? What is your response when attacked by the enemy or by circumstances created by the enemy? This message teaches us that we are to be on the offensive. We are invited to partner with God in victory. Once again, Deborah helps us learn how this is accomplished.

Present In Battle

January 14, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

It has been said that a crisis does not make us nor break us, but reveal to us who we already are. If that saying is true, then the beginning of Deborah’s testimony reveals just how solid this woman truly was. With an intimidating army heading their way, Israel needed an in-the-moment leader. Deborah steps up and reveals to everyone what anointed leadership looks like.

Someone You Need To Meet

January 7, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

Deborah was an extremely rare woman in her day. It might be accurately be said that Deborah would be a rare woman in any day. In this first message of the sermon series about Deborah’s life and ministry, we receive an overview of the diverse and dramatic ways that God used this woman in her generation. May all the daughters of God consider how they might emulate this valiant woman. May all the sons of God seek how they might help advance God’s daughters in their own unique Kingdom callings.