Heaven Moves

Jesus And The Hopeless One

March 25, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

When seeking to understand the ways of Jesus, it is crucial that we visit the scene at the cross. His mercy and compassion to a condemned criminal is astounding. All around the cross there was hate, evil and violence. Upon the cross in the middle, there was love and forgiveness. This message reacquaints us with the freely offered heart of God’s Son.

Jesus & The Isolated Outcast

March 11, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

Jesus mission to earth included His desire to pay the required price to atone for our sin. Any person who repents of their sin, turning to Jesus as Lord, will have that payment applied to their account, and their debt is forever removed. Clearly, those who experience this salvation will respond with a life of gratitude toward their Savior, right? This message reveals the ways of Jesus, specifically that He rightfully expects a life of intentional thankfulness, worship and praise. This message offers us all an opportunity to discern where our hearts are on the Thank-You-God-meter. Let’s pause and remember what great work He has accomplished on our behalf.

Jesus & The Lost Cause

March 4, 2018 • Jeff Lyle

Most of us stopped believing in the boogeyman before we started grade school. Yet, if we lived 2,000 years ago in a place called Gadara, we might have had opportunity to believe in the boogeyman well into our adulthood. In this message we will observe how Jesus intentionally encountered a man filled with demons who had been terrorizing an entire village. We can learn so much about the ways and works of the Savior as we witness Him display His authority over the domain of darkness. Stand amazed as Jesus transforms a man’s life and gives him a lasting purpose as the boogeyman becomes an evangelist.