Life That Cannot Satisfy

Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

August 31, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Ecclesiastes 2:1–11

How do you believe you would feel if you were empowered to experience and seek satisfaction in every possible available human pleasure? Seriously, what if you had all the money and all the material possessions that you desired? If you could enjoy the finest wines, the most amazing entertainment, the strongest sensual pleasures available on earth - do you think you could live happily? If your name was globally famous and your intellectual abilities beyond comparison - do you believe that your soul would be fulfilled? There was a man named Solomon who conducted a long experiment in his life to see if these things would satisfy his own soul. While he did not deny the pleasure he experienced, he leaves us all with the startling results that revealed that he actually became less satisfied with life when he chose to live for his own pleasures. This message calls us to consider Solomon’s failed experiment and how we ourselves can profit from what he learned.

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Don't Dig In Your Heels

November 30, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Jonah 1:4–17

What would you say if you reached the conclusion that God seemed to be calling you to fulfill a nearly impossible mission? You would need faith to say Yes. What if that same impossible mission was to help a people group that you considered to be your enemy? You would need a lot of humility to say Yes. What if God did not seemed to care what you felt about those people or the calling He laid at your feet? You would need deep obedience to say Yes to the call. Jonah, that rebellious, prejudiced prophet had none of these things, therefore he told God NO. This message goes deep into our hearts to help us see how we respond to the authority of God when He commands us to trust and obey. Jonah would learn the hard way the danger of digging in our heels.

How God Stirs The Pot

November 23, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Jonah 1:1–3

God sets the universal calendar. God decrees The Who, The What, The When and The Where of all occurrences in His Kingdom. When the Al mighty sets His intentions on a people, He will see His plans through the end. In the ancient Book of Jonah, God marks the wicked people of Nineveh with an evangelistic bullseye. He wants to save them. Because of this, God also marks a Jewish prophet named Jonah, whom He plans to send with His message of repentance. From these two determinations, we learn so much about the merciful heart of God and the rebellious heart of humankind. This is the first of five messages in a mini series of teachings from the incredible life of Jonah. Pay close attention to learn what it looks like when God stirs the pot.

Marks Of The False Prophet

November 2, 2021 • Jeff Lyle • Jeremiah 23

The warnings in the Bible about false prophets are not subtle. They are not inconspicuous. They are not infrequent. Both Old and New Testaments hold for us numerous cautions about the existence and activities of people who claim to speak on behalf of God but do not. No other passage of Scripture has more focus on this crucial issue than Jeremiah chapter 23. God Himself is doing all the talking as He pulls back the curtain on false prophets in the ancient Israel. From what God says, we are greatly equipped to mark false prophets in our own generation and to avoid ever coming under their dangerous influence.