The Divine Imperative

Race, Culture & Christ (Compilation)

February 11, 2019 • Tony Evans • Micah 6:8

The Bible gives us a three-part formula describing exactly what God expects from his people. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explores that “divine imperative” and reveals what God can accomplish through us when we carry it out.

Jesus the Son of God and Man

Encountering Jesus' Names • May 21, 2019 • Tony Evans

People whose parents came from different places in the world sometimes say they’re “part this” and “part that.” But Dr. Tony Evans says that no matter how many parts they list, they only add up to 100%. In this lesson, he'll explain why that limitation doesn’t apply to Jesus.

Jesus the Lamb of God, Part 2

Encountering Jesus' Names • May 20, 2019 • Tony Evans

The Bible makes it clear that sinners don’t get into Heaven… unless they’re forgiven sinners. In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explains why forgiveness is even possible and describes the only way we can receive it.

Lame Man Walking

Kingdom Men Rising • May 19, 2019 • Tony Evans

Lameness can come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you may be able to walk or run, you could still be mentally, politically or spiritually lame if you find yourself relying on others to do what you should be doing yourself. Tony Evans says there are far too many men failing to stand up on their own two feet and fulfill their responsibilities that God placed before them. Experience what it means to stop depending on others in order to man-up where you should stand-up.