Motivated By Love: The Key to Keeping God’s Commandments

Week 45 | EIKEV | Deu 7:12 – 11:25

August 24, 2019 • Scott Volk & Teri Furr

The more we are won over by God's goodness the more we want to obey Him! Join Scott and special guest, Teri Furr as we talk about keeping God's commandments in this week's PORTION Podcast!

God Hates Mixtures

Week 48 | Ki Tetze | Deu 21:10 – 25:19 • September 14, 2019 • Scott & Shelly Volk

Why is purity important to the Lord? And, why does God hate mixtures? In this week’s portions podcast, Scott and his father Shelly discuss some often overlooked verses in Deuteronomy.

Why Are Jews So Hated?

Week 43 | D’varim | Deu 1:1 – 3:22 • August 10, 2019 • Scott Volk & Dr. Michael Brown

Why Are Jews So Hated? How is it that a people can be so hated and despised yet so loved by God? Join Dr Michael Brown and Scott Volk as they discuss Tisha Ba’av as well as this week’s portion from Deut 1-3.

Does God Really Care If We Don’t Keep Our Word?

Week 42 | Mattot & Massei | Num 30:2 – 32:42 & Num 33:1 – 36:13 • August 3, 2019 • Scott Volk

Does God Really Care If We Don’t Keep Our Word? Are there times when it's ok to break a promise? Joins us as we explore this very thing in this week's PORTION Podcast.