Are the Tabernacle Instructions to the Israelites Relevant for Us Today?

Week 23 | Vayikra | Lev 1:1 – 5:26

March 28, 2020 • Scott Volk & Evan Levine

Are the Tabernacle Instructions to the Israelites Relevant for Us Today? Join Scott Volk and special guest Evan Levine as they discuss this and more in this week's Portion podcast.

May 29, 2020

SHAVUOT - THE FEAST OF PENTECOST Today is the day that many celebrate the Lord giving His instructions to Moses on Mount Sinai 3500 years ago (Ex 20), as well as the day He sent the Holy Spirit, 2000 years ago, to empower the believers who were waiting, in obedience, for the promised infilling (Acts 2). Please take a moment to watch this short video that we prepared for you. The Lord wants to see His children empowered by His Spirit, to be His witnesses around the globe. And, as you think about Pentecost, I encourage you to think about what it is that attracts the Lord’s attention. May His Spirit empower you today to glorify Him in the earth!

The Blessings of the Wilderness

Week 31 | Bamidbar | Num 1:1 – 4:20 • May 23, 2020 • Scott Volk & Nathan Smith

If it were up to me and my flesh, I would avoid the wilderness at all costs. However, it’s a place where the Lord often leads us and tests us, so that we emerge into our destinies in the power of the Spirit. Join Scott and special guest Nathan Smith as they discuss this and the blessings that can be found in these times or wilderness.

Do These Old Testament Chapters Still Matter?

Week 30 | Behar&Bechukotai | Lev 25:1 – 27:34 • May 16, 2020 • Scott Volk & Dr. Michael Brown

Join Scott with his special guest, Dr. Michael Brown, as they discuss whether Leviticus still matters to today's believers. They'll also talk about the relevance of the land sabbath, the year of jubilee and the blessings and curses found in these concluding chapters of the book of Leviticus!