Flourish Conference 2017

The Power of the Oil

May 12, 2017 • Hannah Ouellette

Your situation, your conflict, and the doubters in your life have no power when put next to the love of God. Hannah Ouellette gives us insights on how God wants to press on your story not to break you, but to create something pure and powerful.

Just Add Weakness

May 12, 2017 • Jedidiah Thurner

Are you in your greatest moment of weakness? We all need Jesus' strength to be perfected in us. Add weight to your bar so God's strength can be made perfect in your weakness.

You Were Made For This

May 12, 2017 • Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff

Deborah was more than just a pretty face, she was God's secret weapon in the severest moment of battle. Rhonda Forsthoff shares insights out of Judges 4 that reveal how God prepares us ahead of time to fight our hardest battles.