Sunday Messages

A New And Living Way

June 23, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

The Apostle Paul

June 16, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

Apostle Paul's life shows us how we can lead lives that exemplify healthy balance in humility, boldness, understanding, honesty & hard work.

God Will Fight For You

June 9, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

Every giant we face is meant to be used for a testimony - if we put our trust in God and allow Him to fight for us!

Winning the Lost

June 2, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

God is doing great things in His house, but let us never forget the people all around us outside of the 4 walls that need to know Jesus! We all have something to give to help win souls for The Kingdom!

Elementary Principles

May 26, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

We're not saved by our good works, but rather FOR good works! We ARE The Church!

It's About Time

May 19, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

Everyone matures at their own pace, but we never want to be behind God's timeline for us! We want to grow according to the time he has allotted us!

Is Your Heart Right?

May 12, 2019 • Minister Jennifer Case

The heart pumps blood through the body, but The Spirit pumps life through the heart!

Entering His Rest

May 5, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

The sabbath goes beyond the 7th day of the week, the position of rest is a lifestyle enabled by unwavering faith and trust in God.

The Captain of Our Salvation

April 28, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

Because Jesus has experienced everything we do, He hasn't given us an excuse to fail, but a reason to succeed! Our captain is with us!

Serious Salvation

April 21, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

Salvation isn't just something we experience - The Lord IS our salvation! It's high time for us to purposefully work our salvation to it's full potential!

Palms and Stones

April 14, 2019 • Elder Mike Case

As we lay down our palms (lives) for what God asks of us, we are living stones that cry out to Him in worship as He builds His spiritual house.

Preach Christ

April 7, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

Though it may sometimes cause us to face challenges, we are determined to proclaim the truth of who Christ is, with boldness!

The Good Fight

March 31, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

What our circumstances say don't speak louder than what God is saying! When we are trusting Him, we are winning the fight!

Life In The Spirit

March 24, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

Not just talking like Jesus, but walking like Him - Life in The Spirit!

I Know Who I Am

March 17, 2019 • Pastor Napoleon Kaufman

There is a confidence in knowing God has a portion set aside for you. With the kingdom working for you, in you, and through you, there is no stopping God's plans for you!