Pathways Podcast Episode 214

February 21, 2024 • Pastor Steve Heerema, Aaron Groves, Tim Brand

Join Pastor Steve and Aaron as they sit down with author, CEO of Many Hands, good friend of Pastor Steve and The Way, Tim Brand! We're so excited he's with us today. Thanks for listening in!

Pathways Podcast Episode 220

April 10, 2024 • Marcy Milburn, Aaron Groves, Our Youth Leaders

Join Marcy, Aaron, Julie and Ryan as they talk about what is going on in our middle school and high school youth programs! God is doing amazing things in the lives of our youth. Thanks for joining our conversation!

Pathways Podcast Episode 219

April 3, 2024 • Pastor Steve Heerema, Marcy Milburn, Aaron Groves

The Trio is back together to catch up! Join Pastor Steve, Marcy and Aaron as they recap Holy Week and all that has gone on at The Way over the last couple of weeks. Thanks for listening!

Pathways Podcast Episode 218

March 27, 2024 • Marcy Milburn, Aaron Groves, Julie Jones

Marcy and Aaron sit down with Julie Jones. Julie is the owner of Choices Christian Living Store in Newton and Des Moines. She's a mom, wife, grandma x2, and most of all, she loves JESUS! Thanks for joining us.