Pathways Podcast Episode 218

March 27, 2024 • Marcy Milburn, Aaron Groves, Julie Jones

Marcy and Aaron sit down with Julie Jones. Julie is the owner of Choices Christian Living Store in Newton and Des Moines. She's a mom, wife, grandma x2, and most of all, she loves JESUS! Thanks for joining us.

Pathways Podcast Episode 224

May 15, 2024 • Pastor Steve Heerema, Marcy Milburn, Mike and Julie Brandt

Thanks for joining us! Pastor Steve and Marcy sit down with Mike and Julie Brandt. The Brandts are members of The Way and our Baxter Campus Leaders.

Pathways Podcast Episode 224

May 8, 2024 • Marcy Milburn, 3 Teachers

This week's episode of Pathways was a teachers' edition! Mrs. Milburn sat down with Mrs. Biehn, Mrs. Lampe, and Mrs. Van Manen. We're so thankful for our teachers. Thanks for tuning in!

Pathways Podcast Episode 223

May 1, 2024

Join Marcy and Aaron as they sit down with Ted and Vivian Huisman. Thanks for joining us!