Pathways Podcast Epiosde 203

November 29, 2023 • Pastor Steve Heerema, Marcy Milburn, Andrew Schmidt

Join us as we welcome Andrew Schmidt! Andrew is the lead pastor at Celebrate Church in Knoxville. He's a husband and father, as well as a friend to The Way and a partner within The Sending Network. Thanks for joining us!

Pathways Podcast Episode 214

February 21, 2024 • Pastor Steve Heerema, Aaron Groves, Tim Brand

Join Pastor Steve and Aaron as they sit down with author, CEO of Many Hands, good friend of Pastor Steve and The Way, Tim Brand! We're so excited he's with us today. Thanks for listening in!

Pathways Podcast Episode 213

February 14, 2024 • Pastor Steve Heerema, Marcy Milburn, Aaron Groves

The Trio is back together! Join Pastor Steve, Marcy and Aaron as they recap Steve's break, Ash Wednesday meaning plus much more. Thanks for joining us this morning!

Pathways Podcast Episode 212

February 7, 2024 • Marcy Milburn, Aaron Groves, Nan Veach

Join Marcy and Aaron as they sit down with Nan Veach! Nan is a staff missionary for FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes! We're so excited for this interview. Thank you for joining us!