Josh Scheutzow

Episode 10 • March 29, 2017 • Josh Scheutzow & Nick Nye

Despite enduring a host of personal and family tragedies and challenges, Josh has the gift of joy and the ability to connect and minister to others. In this podcast, Nick and Josh discuss the story of the Scheutzow family and how God has used humor in their life as a way of healing and unifying their family, and connecting with the people God has placed in front of them. Josh' Bio: Josh Scheutzow is the worship director and "deacon of good times" at the Tri-Village congregation. He is a father of 4, social entrepreneur and small business owner of A Carpenter's Son Design Co. He's been on part time staff at Veritas for 5 years and just recently taken on more responsibilities with the Tri-Village congregation as well as running a furniture design business that has its origin and continued goal to help families in their adoption journeys. Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, Katie Lee published and administered.

Joel Franck

Episode 9 • March 22, 2017 • Joel Franck & Nick Nye

Embodying Christ by way of counseling is not pursuing self-protection but walking alongside people in their pain. In this episode, Joel Franck shares about his journey to this end. Listen as Joel & Nick explore the ideas of: walking in the wisdom of mentors, the effects of pornography on those in and outside of the church, and the need to seek counsel and community in the fight against addiction. Joel's Bio: Joel has been a member of Veritas since July 2015 and currently serves on the prayer team. His personal mission is to shepherd men into a deeper loving personal relationship with Jesus Christ- particularly young men who need help breaking free from their bondage such as addictions, identity issues, etc. Joel is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Ohio (LPC) who received his bachelor's degree at Miami University and Masters in Clinical Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary. He play drums for a rock/folk fusion band called Wake the Trees, leads in several men's groups such as Wild at Heart bootcamp, and works to raise awareness and funds for anti-human trafficking efforts with Nuts for Ohio. Joel's Contact Info: jfranck@c-roads.com (513) 227-3525 Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, Katie Lee published and administered.

Brittany Nye

Episode 8 • March 15, 2017 • Brittany Nye & Nick Nye

Our worth and value comes not from our income or what we do, but from Jesus. This is a message that Brittany carries and lives into as she navigates her role as a pastor's wife, stay-at-home mom of four kids, and a resident of a progressive neighborhood. Brittany's bio: Brittany Nye is wife to Veritas’ founding pastor Nick Nye and mom to three daughters and a son. She grew up in rural Ohio and has lived in urban Columbus for ten years. Brittany earned a B.A. in English and spends her days homeschooling her children, running, reading, and serving her family, church and community. Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, Katie Lee published and administered.

PJ Wenzel

Episode 7 • March 8, 2017 • PJ Wenzel & Nick Nye

The political sphere is a hard world to live in as a Christian. PJ's love for Jesus in this realm has more often than not put his faith to the test. He talks to us about the opportunity to influence political elites and the like by maintaining Spirit-powered integrity and Christ-like love for the people around him. PJ's Bio: PJ Wenzel is an entrepreneur and political consultant. He has worked on political and issue campaigns since 1994 in over 45 US states and internationally on three continents. He’s built and sold a business, has a Masters in Political Management from George Washington University, and is working (slowly) on his masters in theology from Southern Seminary. He is a complete book worm, loves golfing, teaching, trying to paint, travel, Star Wars, and eating good food – and of course the obligatory “long walks on the beach.” He’s worked at the White House, and on four presidential races at all levels, been a golf caddie, valet parked cars, had a paper route, and done darn good janitorial work. He has advised, and been promptly ignored, by dozens of members of congress and parliament, and admires Winston Churchill as the greatest statesman of the 20th century. Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, Katie Lee published and administered.

Jessica Burton

Episode 6 • March 1, 2017 • Jessica Burton & Nick Nye

How do the corporate world, fashion, and being a Christian go together? Hear from Jessica how the Lord has been teaching her to navigate the cutthroat industry of fashion and how He's provided for her along the way. Jessica's Bio: Jessica Burton, 30, is a native (and proud) Texan currently living in Columbus. Her current role is in Assortment Planning for a high profile fashion retailer based in Columbus. Jessica has a robust career background in retail which includes numerous part-time and store management roles for various brands as well as global educational experiences in merchandising. She is a graduate of the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!), with a Master of Science in Merchandising and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, Katie Lee published and administered.

Aaron Lockhart

Episode 5 • February 22, 2017 • Aaron Lockhart & Nick Nye

God's grace kept Aaron as he grew up in the "ur-burbs" (urban suburbs) and beckoned him back after a period of backsliding in college. Listen to how the Lord used Aaron's background to give him a passion for evangelism and to prepare him for ministry. Aaron also shares with us his vision and hope for Veritas as a whole growing in authenticity. Aaron's bio: Aaron and his wife, April have four children (Austin, Aiden, Autumn, and Ava). Aaron loves music, golf, and spending time with the people of God. He serves as the lead pastor at Veritas East and his ministry passions are preaching and personal evangelism. Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, Katie Lee published and administered.

Amy Gingerich

Episode 4 • February 15, 2017 • Amy Gingerich & Nick Nye

God has already placed people in your life that you can display mercy to. Who are these people? How are you experiencing poverty in your own life? Amy unpacks this idea of coming alongside the poor and marginalized in our city with the realization that we have been given an overflow of mercy from God. Listen to hear about how God continues to use Veritas Mercy to be a bridge builder in local communities and what it looks like to weave word and deed together. Amy's bio: Amy grew up in rural Pennsylvania as a pastor’s kid with eleven siblings. She graduated from Waynesburg University with a degree in Human Services, Political Science, Business, and Psychology. She spent time with World Vision, the John Perkins Foundation, New Vision in West Virginia, and other Christian Community Development organizations that greatly changed her perspective on life. Amy worked as a community organizer for a local Columbus non-profit before starting full-time employment with Veritas as Director of Mercy & Community Development. Amy is married to Bryant and they are currently living in Milo-Grogan, an inner-city neighborhood. She enjoys the extreme outdoors, diverse music, and reading memoirs. Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, Katie Lee published and administered.

Deb Gregory

Episode 3 • February 8, 2017 • Nick Nye & Deb Gregory

We see that women may often fit in the "marginalized" category in our world and, particularly, the church. In this podcast, Deb examines this issue with grace and invites all to engage in dialoguing through the important question: What is God calling you to? Deb's Bio: Deb Gregory is a "third-culture kid." Raised between Asia and America, she has passed through more than fifty countries. Trained in Old Testament and archaeology, Deb has unearthed ancient fertility figurines, weapons, and graves. A filmmaker by vocation, Deb has slung her camera to far-off and unromantic places like third world prisons, southeast Asian brothel districts, and refugee camps for African children orphaned by civil war, Deb is interested in capturing stories of human dignity and social change. She is the producer of the feature feature film Saving Carren, a documentary on meth addiction. Deb and her husband Jim live in Clintonville with their two daughters. She is currently studying to become a Spiritual Director. Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, Katie Lee published and administered.

Story of Veritas

Episode 2 • February 1, 2017 • Brad Snyder, Joe Byler, & Nick Nye

Almost ten years ago, a God-ordained crossing of paths led the families of Brad Snyder and Nick Nye to plant Veritas Community Church. Brad and Joe recount the crazy stories of God creating something out of nothing and what the Lord taught them as they championed the glory of Jesus Christ in Columbus, Ohio. Credits: Nick Nye produced and hosted, Matthew Heim mixed and mastered, and Katie Lee published.

Story of Founding Pastor: Nick Nye

Episode 1 • January 24, 2017 • Nick Nye & Ryan Stanley

There are two parts to this story about the beginning of Veritas. In this first session, we learn about founding pastor Nick Nye's background and the punk rock-inspired events in his life that shaped and led him to answering God's call to plant Veritas Community Church. Stay tuned for part two to hear stories from Tri-Village lead pastor, Brad Snyder, and Short North lead pastor, Joe Byler.

Teaser Episode

Teaser • December 14, 2016 • Nick Nye & Ryan Stanley

This is a mid-week podcast of Veritas Community Church. It is a simple and fun way to engage in issues we don’t always get to dive into on Sunday. We want to tell stories, conduct interviews and the occasional banter will round off an engaging podcast.