Incarnational Mission

ReMissioning Your Established Church

Josh Hayden, Lori Ruffin, Dan White Jr.

Paradigm Shifts for Mission (BiVo)

Brad Brisco

Living Missionally Amidst Covid

Panel Discussion

MarketPlace Mission in a Tanked Economy

JR Woodward & Hugh Halter

Church Without Walls Part 2

Church Without Walls Part 1

Creative Ways to Fund Mission

Tom Mauriello

The Missional Incarnational Journey

November 7, 2018 • Dan White Jr.

We explore the tool For-With-Of-In

Multi-ethnic Church Planting

Brandon and Eric Wrencher

A webinar exploring the transition from Colonization to Community in the work of Church Planting

A Movemental Church

JR Woodward

JR Woodward author of Creating a Missional Culture and Co-author of The Church as Movement shares about the practices of Incarnational Movement.