Re-Missioning Cohort

August 26, 2019 - April 30, 2020

A 28 Week Training for Established Churches Many churches in the United States have either stopped growing or are in decline. Yet, what is more concerning is the drift away from following Christ deeper into their local places on mission. We meet leaders regularly who are awakening to this. They have personally experienced a theological and missiological transition in their own souls. They know the church, their own church, is in need of revitalization. But they find themselves challenged in how to help their church make this transition without blowing it up. We've gathered genuine practitioners who have experienced the hard work of Re-Missioning their established church. Do you want to re-calibrate your church around missional presence? Do you face old policies and outdate procedures that prevent this? Do you long to honor the past while innovating towards the future? Cohort 7 Competencies 1. A Spirituality of Weakness Leadership that acknowledges limits and the habits of cruciform influence. Seeking to be a disciple before making disciples. 2. Creative Destruction Learning how to put the narrative of life, death, and resurrection into real-time practice. Engaging the existing systems and culture of a local body with intentional disruption. 3. Cultural Assessment Identifying the gaps and resources of a current established community. Charting a strategic path over the gap into the landscape of transformation. 4. Purposeful Pruning Recognizing every event, ritual, program, and tradition ultimately shapes a churches mission. Discover thoughtful habits of pruning so that a gathering of people can bear good fruit again. 5. Traditioned Innovation Holding the past and future in creative tension and learning to live more fulling in the present activity of God. Listening to what the Spirit is stirring up in local place and responding. 6. Ecclesial Architecture Organizing your teams, groups, and committees around a framework of movemental discipleship rather than duties for service. Guiding each social space into spiritual formation. 7. Shared Experiments Utilizing time bound experiences as pathways into neighboring, missional living, and the discovery of 5-fold gifts. These experiments break open space for new imagination in stale contexts. The Experience: A weekly group coaching call with a cohort of Re-Missioners facilitated by Josh Hayden. A three-day training with the V3 Movement at the Praxis Gathering in Philadelphia. One session with a Spiritual Director. Support and Resources from the larger V3 Movement Tribe. Optional Self-care Retreat in Malibu.