Re-Missioning Cohort

January 7 - May 26, 2019

A 20 Week Training for Established Churches (Launching Jan 2019) There are so many challenges for established churches to cultivate missional presence in their communities and discern how they can be good neighbors amidst all of the policies and procedures, organizational ruts, and historical barriers. Amidst these challenges, God desires for established churches to re-mission. This cohort will provide strategic training for adaptive leadership, creative destruction, embracing conflict, and missional re-calibration in your neighborhoods. This cohort will help you to transition your established church—embracing the best of where you have come from while learning to innovate towards the future. Framing Questions: - Has your church lost clarity in its mission? - Is it possible for your established church to experience rebirth? - Is the missional movement possible in your established church? The Competencies learned in this Cohort: 1. Spirituality of Weakness 2. Creative Destruction 3. Cultural Assessment 4. Identifying the Gaps 5. The Pruning Process 6. Traditioned Innovation 7. Ecclesial Architecture 8. Creating Shared Experiences 9. Movemental Discipleship Coach: Josh Hayden is the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church in Ashland, VA. Josh studied organizational change while writing Creative Destruction: Towards a Theology of Institutions to receive his D Min at Duke Divinity. Josh currently serves on the V3 Board of Directors.