By Myself I Can Do Nothing

May 30, 2013 • Brad Henry

I used to think that I could do all things. But when I was saved I could finally see that I would never have peace in my life when I trusted in self and not Jesus. I pray that this lesson will help you have true joy.

God Still Has Great Plans For You

May 29, 2013 • Brad Henry

A lot of times in life we have so much holding us down that it is not only too tough to dream but it is hard to just put one foot in front of the other. If you can let IT go remember God still has great plans for you or He would have called you home. So start dreaming again and have hope.

"YOU Can Have A New Beginning Today"

May 29, 2013 • Brad Henry

God not only forgives but He remembers your sin no more when you come to Him with a repentant heart. So please do not bring up the past as you can have a fresh start to your life right now. Jesu made a way!!!!!

"Love, God Will Do The Rest"

May 29, 2013 • Brad Henry

"People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care". We cannot change people ONLY God can. A lot of times as believers we can put a yoke on people with don't do this or do that. But love, yes love is the way to bring people into the Kingdom. Love them and God will do the rest.

"How To Live In Joyful Expectancy"

May 29, 2013 • Brad Henry

A lesson on how to allow the Holy Spirit to give you joy. If our joy is based upon worldly circumstances we will never have joy. But Psalm 46:10 says that in order to know God we need to "Be Still" Let us discipline ourselves to Be Still and let God BE God, then joy will come rushing in.

"Obedience The Most Important Devotional That I Have Sent To You"

May 28, 2013 • Brad Henry

We hear the word obedience and run the other way but todays lesson is an entirely different way to look at obedience - a non legalistic way to look at our faith. You will be able to finally have joy in ANY storm.

Please Acts On Your Promptings

April 20, 2013 • Brad Henry

Never Too Far Gone

April 22, 2013 • Brad Henry

Let Today Be The Best Day Of Your Life

April 22, 2013 • Brad Henry

Brad Henry's Rescue Story

April 25, 2013 • Soul Patch Media

Listen to this brief video of Brad Henry's life story as told in his new book "Failing Doesn't Mean You're A Failure".

Let Go Today

April 23, 2013 • Brad Henry

This lesson about how can we have joy NOT based upon our circumstances but who we are in Jesus.

Welcome To the Prayer App

April 22, 2013 • Brad Henry

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