Things Jesus Never Said - Part 3

January 26, 2021 • Pastor Mark Passarella

Give God your all! Pastor Mark speaks on the importance of following the Lord continually throughout the aspects of our lives. #TabernacleYA

Miracles Today - Part 2

March 2, 2021 • Jessica Gill

Listen to Jess speak on healing and the importance of having God restore your mindset to know you are loved and created for his design.

Miracles Today - Part 1

February 23, 2021 • Michael Wulf

Join us for part one of our new series "Miracles Today" where Michael speaks on being "Temples of the Living God" and what that details for us as individuals.

Things Jesus Never Said - Part 5

February 16, 2021 • Michael Wulf

"In every moment, the Lord God has already overcame it all" Enjoy the final sermon of "Things Jesus Never Said" as Mike Wulf speaks on how Jesus never said "You wont have hard days" but how through Jesus, you can overcome every obstacle!