Bringing Good News

December 3, 2017 • George Hulse

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Can You See the Love in Noel?

Christmas Eve Service • December 24, 2017 • George Hulse

Love Takes A Turn

December 17, 2017 • George Hulse

This Sunday we will take a good look at the Good News! Do you find yourself overwhelmed and enamored by the joy the birth of Jesus? Christmas is the celebration of the greatest turning point in the story of God’s love for the world. Jesus is born, and that changes everything for us. This is such good news for us all, and such good news to share with others.

I was Wondering...

December 10, 2017 • George Hulse

Are you noticing people more? Are you listening for the voice of our Savior for ways to show compassion and kindness rather than trying so hard for only rightness? I wonder how our report card from the world would change if we learned to notice, listen and care for people more. Would they begin to care more about knowing our God if we began to care more for them? This Christmas we are seeking to grow in our spiritual conversations. We are asking the Lord for the power to see others as He sees them and to reach out in love towards them. As we seek to establish a better conversation with others let us all remember the importance of how to increase the quality and quantity of these interactions by: noticing, listening, serving and wondering with them. This Sunday we will learn how powerful it can be to wonder with another.