The Storm Will Not Stop You

July 4, 2021 • Dr. Lance D. Watson

Acts 27 is a rollercoaster narration of Paul’s ship journey to Rome, where he was to be tried under Caesar. As a prisoner for the sake of gospel, Paul was handed over to Julius, the Centurion and together with other prisoners, they began sailing and encounter a furious storm. The storm doesn’t stop, but God made a way out anyway! Paul called out to God and fear in the ship was replaced by faith. God not only saved Paul, but not one of the 276 on board lost a single hair from their head. The storm didn’t stop him—don’t let it stop you. Go through! We are Saint Paul’s Everywhere! Join Us on Sundays at 10:00am on our mobile app, at MYSPBC.TV or @myspbc on Facebook or YouTube. Learn more about our church at myspbc.org FOR PRAYER OR COUNSELING: Click Here: myspbc.info/GatheringRoom TO MAKE A SPIRITUAL DECISION: Click Here: myspbc.info/GatheringRoom TO GIVE: Click Here: myspbc.info/Give Your generosity makes our ministry possible, enabling us to fulfill our mission of empowering people to grow into the persons God intended them to be. Together, we are communicating the positive power of Jesus Christ to our generation. TO FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA, VISIT: instagram.com/myspbc facebook.com/myspbc twitter.com/lancewatson instagram.com/iamlancewatson facebook.com/iamlancewatson