Wisdom for Any Age

Wisdom is Still Superior

March 21, 2023 • Adam Gaspar • Ecclesiastes 9:13–18

After all the work to acquire, demonstrate, and be guided by wisdom what should we do when other circumstances foil our attempts?

The Unknown

March 14, 2023 • Ecclesiastes 9:1–12

We are often troubled by what we don't know and yet we have to live with it on a regular basis. Here we will look at some wise counsel to still have hope and a tempered joy in life.

Authorities and Retribution

March 7, 2023 • Adam Gaspar • Ecclesiastes 8

When you find yourself in different relationships, especially those with authority structures how can you see the value and limits of wisdom while respecting what you might be ignorant of?

Wisdom vs Folly

February 28, 2023 • Adam Gaspar • Ecclesiastes 7

A decent section of Ecclesiastes 7 is given to proverbial statements and their clarification. This session is an opportunity to develop our skills in understanding proverbial language and the application of its broad content to our lives.

Wealth, Honor, Satisfaction

February 21, 2023 • Kurt Bambach • Ecclesiastes 5:8—6:12

What is it like to have your perspective about the accumulation of material goods adjusted to see them as a gift of God that comes in various measures and is not promised or guaranteed.

Attitude Towards God

February 14, 2023 • Ecclesiastes 5:1–7

A comparing and contrasting of a wise person and fool helps to highlight parts of a proper attitude towards the one who is in heaven, while we are here on earth.

Politics, Labor, Friendship

February 7, 2023 • Adam Gaspar • Ecclesiastes 4

How can we reconcile the assertion that there is a 'proper time for every activity' with the oppression and distorted reasons mankind goes about these activities?

Time & Eternity

January 31, 2023 • Adam Gaspar • Ecclesiastes 3

An appointed, proper, and beautiful time for everything exists the writer exclaims. How can we rightly understand and embrace the rhythms God has established and deal with life when it doesn't happen as expected.

Indulgence, Wisdom, Work

January 24, 2023 • Adam Gaspar • Ecclesiastes 1:12—2:26

The writer of Ecclesiastes is now moving into some topics that we could all use some wisdom and perspective on - indulgence, wisdom, and work - and what they should be valued at.


January 17, 2023 • Adam Gaspar • Ecclesiastes 1:1–11

What is the author of Ecclesiastes trying to propose and how is he going to define, describe, and defend it?


January 10, 2023 • Adam Gaspar

As we start our series we will look at what wisdom literature is, some guidelines for reading it, and the value and necessity of attaining and applying wisdom in our own lives.