You Are The Light

February 7, 2018 • Wes Morris

Follow Me

November 10, 2019 • Wes Morris

Many people want to follow Jesus for what He can give them, not for who He is. In this message, “Follow Me,” Pastor Wes talks about truly following Jesus & bringing others along with you. Grab a Bible & follow along with the following verses: JOHN 1:35-51 JOHN 1:38 JOHN 1:39 JOHN 1:40-46 JOHN 1:47-48 JOHN 1:49-51

Hebrews 4 Part 2

11-05-2019 Steve Mitchell • November 5, 2019 • Steve Mitchell

Jesus As High Priest

Be Aware

November 7, 2019 • Todd Deering

Protecting and strengthening marriage means knowing what sin we may be prone to and how to protect against it.