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Classes Start Tuesday (5/24) at 7:30pm

May 17, 2022

Every Tuesday, learn, grow, and build your relationship with God - Bible institute is back!👨‍💻 Join us as we kick off Tuesday May, 24th 7:30pm for all new classes teaching us the mysteries of the Bible! 📚 ---------- Available Classes ---------- 1st Period - 7:30PM Membership 1 (Beginner Level): Learn the benefits and blessings that await you as you become a member of your local church. This introductory level class explores the meaning behind fundamental Biblical principles such as Baptism, Communion, and Worship. My Brother’s Keeper 2 (Intermediate Level): In this continuation of My Brother’s Keeper, we will study the duty of care that we, as Christians, have for one another. This class focuses on Jesus’ life and teachings in order to examine what it means to have the heart of a Shepherd, so that we we can grow in our love and care for one another. -------------------------------------------- 2nd Period - 8PM Armorbearer 1 (Beginner Level): This introductory level class helps new believers discover the essential role that they play in God’s plan for His kingdom. Discover the power of agreement, the importance of a vision, and the essential position that God has waiting for you, as an Armorbearer in your local church. Evangelism (Intermediate Level): A class that is open for everyone - this course dives deep into the role of the Evangelist in the modern church. With a combination of foundational teaching from the Bible, and practical techniques for bringing someone to Christ, this class helps us to build a better understanding of both “why” and “how” we tell others about Jesus. -------------------------------------------- 3rd Period - 8:30PM Leadership With Pastor Marnie (All Levels Welcome): Mysteries of the 10 Plagues -------------------------------------------- Registration available online or at Front Desk. (Tuesday (5/24) is last day of registration.)