Basic Training Part 2

The Making of a Soldier

August 9, 2020

Jesus came to the world with a mission. He was anointed to save the lost, preach the gospel, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, restore sight to the blind, and bring liberty to the oppressed. Just like Jesus we need to know our mission when we are engaged in a spiritual battle. When we know our mission and what we are anointed for we have something to offer those in need. You are anointed for the problems and issues that you encounter!

Basic Training Part 1

August 2, 2020

REMEMBER - the symbol of our faith IS the CROSS, and NOT a couch! Jesus said if you want to follow me - crucify yourself every day - BE A CHRISTIAN. Le'ts not focus on WHAT we go through but HOW we go through - as a good soldier. Embrace the resistance and opposition. A solder is TRAINED for the BATTLE - NOT for the BARRACKS. What God's grace has brought you through - gives you strength and authority in what's ahead. Stop trying to fit in Church. We are the body of Christ - who is the King of Kings!